From The South


The craft is called from labor to refreshment by order of the Worshipful Master.

When we eat with our Brothers, we digest more than the meal. – Bryce’s Law

Brethren I believe meals have a direct correlation with meeting attendance, the better the meal the greater the will to attend. During this year I will take the opportunity to provide meals which offer a sensible and nutritional value within the approved budget.

If you have a preference, diet, or food allergies, please make them known and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

We ask that you RSVP when attending and a simple donation to offset the cost of the meal.

Set the craft to work and give them good and wholesome instruction for their labors

 The craftsman can only do good work if they are instructed in their craft.

I will be looking for volunteers (Past masters) to assist with the mentoring and education of the craft. If you wish to participate, please contact me or the worshipful master.


Bro. Juan Jimenez


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