Freemasonry Fact-Check

You may have heard of urban legends. These are stories that are repeated from person to person as actual truth. While the majority are not true, they are often given the  credence of veracity because the teller of these tales knows someone who “knows  someone” who actually experienced something related in the story. Freemasonry  has many urban legends associated with it.

Myth: Some claim that the symbols on American currency and even some Japanese currency is Masonic and some even suggest that this is proof that Masons have lots of  power.

Fact: In fact, the eye of providence and pyramid that are a part of many currencies likely have nothing to do with Freemasonry. These are very common symbols of knowledge and power and therefore are a likely symbol on any national currency.

Myth: Masons can enter any Lodge around the world.

Fact: Not all Lodges recognize one another, so if a Mason tries to enter a Lodge that does not recognize his own, he will not be recognized as a brother Mason. Also, in order to enter a Lodge at a new location, the Mason’s status as a Mason must first be confirmed.

Myth: No one but a Mason may see what is inside a Lodge

Fact: In fact, some Lodges hold weddings and other special events. Some even hold community events or offer tours of their meeting areas.

Myth: Lodge meetings are highly protected and guarded to protect the secrets of Freemasonry.

Fact: In fact, Masonry is not as secret as this myth would have us believe. Many Masons wear pins or have bumper stickers proclaiming themselves as Masons. It is true that there are Officers who guard the door when a Lodge is in session, because only Master Masons are entitled to attend business meetings, or as we call them “stated communications.”

Fact: No one but a Mason really knows what the rituals of Freemasonry are.

Myth: Mason help each other out and give each other breaks by recognizing each other through passwords and secret handshakes.

Fact: In fact, many people assume that when a Mason is pulled over for a speeding ticket (to use just one example) if the police officer is a Mason as well, he will not give a fellow Mason a ticket. This is simply not the case. Most Masons do not have to use secret words and handshakes to recognize each other, since most Masons are quite open about
their membership. Moreover, even if two masons did recognize each other as such, that does not mean that they would give each other a “break.” Masons do their job as they are expected to and generally do not play favorites.

Myth: Masons have a lot of power the world over.

Fact: Masons have the power of knowing that they are part of a large fraternal organization, but this is not the sort of power most conspiracy theorists mean. Masons do not have special political or financial powers. If they did, they would actually likely be far less likely to fall prey to “Anti-Masonic” conspiracies and hoaxes.

Myth: Becoming a Mason will give me business contacts and make me rich beyond belief.

Fact: Becoming a Mason WILL NOT make you rich, in fact you will be required to pay your annual dues, contribute as you are able to various charities, and if you desire to hold an officers position, there are a list of expenses that go with holding an office. If you desire to establish business contacts, we suggest you join an organization such as a Rotary Club. Freemasonry, is a noble and ancient fraternity, and our primary goal is to make good men better.

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